Invisalign Elite Provider

Scott Orthodontics: An Invisalign Elite Provider

At Scott Orthodontics, we’re committed to providing only the best in orthodontic care, utilizing only the most advanced orthodontic treatment methods and technology available to create a new, healthy smile for every one of our patients. Among our available treatments, we offer Invisalign as a solution that’s perfect for those who want to straighten their teeth behind the scenes, using clear plastic aligners that are comfortable and effective.

After years of creating personalized Invisalign aligners and new smiles for the families of Silver Spring, Mitchellville, and the surrounding areas, we are proud to announce that Scott Orthodontics has become an Elite Provider for Invisalign.

What Is An Invisalign Elite Provider?

Being an Invisalign®Elite Provider of shows a higher level of mastery for creating new smiles using the Invisalign system. In order for a practice to become an Elite Provider, it first requires us to have served over 300 patients with Invisalign. Second, it requires an ongoing commitment to healthier, brighter smiles by working with at least 50 Invisalign patients every six months.  

How Is An Elite Provider Different From Others?

While all dental and orthodontic practices that offer Invisalign are professionally trained to be a certified provider, there are different levels of distinction among providers, including General, Premier, Preferred, Elite, and Top 1%.

General providers treat a least 10 patients with Invisalign per year, and Premier providers have worked with at least 50 Invisalign patients and continue to serve at least 25 patients with Invisalign every six months. After that, the next tier of Preferred providers have created at least 100 new smiles using Invisalign and have 50 cases each year. Above those providers are the Invisalign Elite Providers like Scott Orthodontics that have shown a greater mastery of Invisalign as orthodontic treatment.

What’s Next For Scott Orthodontics?

We will always strive to provide our patients with the high quality orthodontic care that our practice is known for.  Dr. Scott and his orthodontic staff are committed to continued education, so we can always offer the best and latest in treatment options. We will also aim to rise even higher than being an Elite Provider and become a Top 1% Invisalign provider, treating over 800 patients with Invisalign and at leave 200 cases per year .  

Contact Scott Orthodontics About Invisalign!

If you look in the mirror at your smile and don’t like what you see, contact us at Scott Orthodontics to start on your journey to a better, brighter smile. Not all patients are eligible for Invisalign treatment, so just schedule an appointment with us to see if you’re a candidate. We proudly serve patients of all ages out of our two local offices in Silver Spring and Mitchellville, MD. We look forward to helping you achieve your new, perfect smile!