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Adult Orthodontics

Orthodontics aren't just for children and teens. We offer adult orthodontics to patients who want the benefits of having straighter teeth.

Our orthodontist, Dr. Stuart A. Scott, can straighten your teeth using an orthodontic option that suits your needs and budget.

Scott Orthodontics features two locations in the Bowie, MD, area. Visit the one closest to you to learn more about braces and Invisalign.

You're Not the Only Adult Seeking Straighter Teeth

If you want to refine your smile but think the opportunity has passed, we're happy to report that's not the case. You're in good company, with adults representing one out of four orthodontic patients. The American Association of Orthodontists

Our Office Stands Out From the Crowd

We're Eco-Friendly

In addition to being patient-friendly, we are also eco-friendly. Dr. Scott and our orthodontic team believe in finding ways to make our practice more sustainable, such as forgoing paper reminders and using electronic ones instead.

We Offer Discounts

We accept financing and offer discounts for families with multiple members undergoing orthodontic treatment. We also extend these discounts to teachers, as a thank you for their important work.

We Have Two Locations

We have enough to worry about without adding in a long drive for dental appointments. Our practice features two different offices for patients to choose from in the Bowie, MD, area: one in Mitchellville and one in Silver Spring.

Pursue the Orthodontic Treatment You've Always Wanted at Our Mitchellville and Silver Springs, MD, Offices

As adults, we may sometimes think that the time for orthodontics has already passed. However, adult orthodontics are a common treatment — and we perform them regularly at our two offices.

Whether you've always wanted to straighten your smile or you've been lax with your retainer after treatment, we can find a treatment that suits your needs and budget. We even offer more discreet options, such as ceramic braces and Invisalign clear aligners, so you can undergo treatment without it being too noticeable.

Our orthodontist, Dr. Scott, knows patients have busy schedules. That's why we have Bowie-area offices in Silver Spring and Mitchellville, MD. You can pick the office closest to you, so your dental treatment is more convenient.

To learn more about the benefits of each orthodontic solution, as well as your candidacy, contact our friendly office staff. You can also call us at:

(301) 589-8191

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You're never too old to love your smile. Visit our Bowie-area team for effective treatment.

Considering Orthodontic Treatment? Here's Why Bowie-Area Patients Choose Us


Andrea Williams


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Dr. Scott he is a perfectionist and his work speaks for itself. He and his awesome Top Teir Team are knowledgeable, exceedingly, and abundantly competent in their area of specialty. The environment is welcoming, warm, and they're so friendly.

My teeth looks fabulous, and compare to where it was coming from its like magic. Im feeling and acting brand new

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VJ Mayor


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Dr. Scott is a great doctor and even better person. Same can be said about his team. He takes a personal investment in your well-being...and smile. As long as you keep appointments and follow the instructions (wear your rubber bands!) the process is seamless. I went in to his office in June 2013 fully expecting braces to be on for 2 years, but alas they're off before my wedding in October 2015. 15 months! Can't guarantee it for everybody but I'm so happy my smile will be perfect and brace-free! Cheers to Dr. Scott and his team!

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Smiling woman with braces talking on phone

If You Have a Severely Misaligned Bite

You Still Have Options

There are many types of orthodontics, giving you the ability to choose what works for you. While Invisalign cannot correct bites that are severely misaligned, braces can.

Braces use brackets and wires to reposition teeth to a degree that Invisalign cannot. Plus, with ceramic braces, you have all the benefits of traditional braces with subtlety comparable to clear aligners.

Dr. Scott and our knowledgeable team can help you understand and explore your orthodontic options. We're always happy to explain every detail, so you have full confidence moving forward with treatment.

Deciding Which Option Is Best for You Traditional Braces vs. Invisalign

The Benefits of Braces

Use in Complex Cases

If your teeth have more severe misalignment, then braces are likely the only option that can help. They can safely and effectively reposition your teeth so you can have a beautiful new smile in an average of 16-18 months.

More Affordable Pricing

Compared to Invisalign aligners, traditional braces tend to be more affordable. We also accept financing and offer discounts to patients who qualify to help minimize the cost.

No Possibility of Losing Them

It happens — sometimes people misplace their Invisalign aligners. This isn't possible with braces, which remain firmly in place as you go about your day.

The Benefits of Invisalign

Discreet Appearance

You can feel confident at work and in photos with the Invisalign system. The clear aligners are subtle but effective, transforming your smile over a period of about 12-18 months.

Removable Aligners

Worried about not being able to eat the foods you love? Invisalign clear aligners are removable, so you still can. They need to be worn for about 22 hours a day, giving you time to eat meals without dietary restrictions.

Easier Maintenance 

Because you can remove your aligners, it is much easier to brush and floss your teeth. Cleaning your aligners is also simple and should only take a couple of minutes of your day.

Ceramic Braces Combine the Best Qualities of Traditional Braces and Invisalign

Ceramic braces
Ceramic braces employ metal wires and ceramic brackets to refine your smile. Our patients love that they are just as effective as metal braces, but less noticeable due to their ceramic material that blends in easily with your natural teeth. As you can see here, they are a discreet option, making them preferable for many adults.

Choose an Invisalign Platinum Provider for Your Orthodontic Treatment

Dr. Scott is a proud Invisalign Platinum Provider with many successful smile transformations to his name. In fact, he has helped lots of patients like you since he started offering Invisalign in 2001. He is a dentist with a doctorate and a board-certified orthodontist, so you can trust him to maintain a high standard of dental and orthodontic care.

Excited about Invisalign? Prefer metal or ceramic braces? We're happy to discuss your candidacy for each option.

Our practice features convenient locations in Mitchellville and Silver Spring, MD. You can reach out to your local office or call:

(301) 589-8191

Man holding invisalign
Whether you prefer Invisalign, metal braces, or ceramic braces, we offer a variety of options at our Bowie-area practice.

"Now I can show off my smile!" Bowie-Area Patients Trust Our Team


Asiana Phan


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I am extremely pleased with my care experience. I got Invisalign to correct my cross-bite and other issues. From the first visit, he outlines everything and showed me a 3D imaging to project the timeline and show how the teeth are supposed to align by those benchmarks. He and his treatment coordinator made it easy to understand. Dr. Scott is a personable fun doctor, he has exceptional bedside manner, and his staff are kind and warm from front-end to back-end. I definitely recommend all my friends and family to Dr. Scott! Now I can show off my smile! :D

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Krystil Smith


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I am SO pleased with Dr. Scott and his staff.

I am an adult getting braces for the first time, and he was the most affordable, most accomodating (two locations), easiest to get appointments/modify appointments, and his staff was always friendly and professional.

Best experience ever, I would recommend him in a heartbeat!

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Will I Need a Retainer After Braces or Invisalign?


Yes, you will. Orthodontics like ceramic braces and Invisalign reposition your teeth; however, after you have finished your treatment with us, your teeth can shift out of alignment. No matter which type of orthodontic solution you have received, you'll have to wear a retainer every night indefinitely to maintain your results.

How Adult Orthodontics Patients Can Maintain Their Results

Home Dental Care

From brushing and flossing to rinsing after a meal, good home dental care goes a long way. Our caring orthodontist, Dr. Scott, is happy to offer tips about how to best floss with braces, and how to keep your teeth clean after eating. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have dental or orthodontic questions.

Regular Dental Visits

Seeing your dentist for routine dental cleanings is especially important if you are a braces patient. Plaque can build up as you wear your braces, but as long as you practice the proper dental care and attend your appointments, you likely have nothing to worry about.

Proper Retainer Use

Each night, you should wear your retainer. It helps to remember that you've already done the hard part: completing braces or Invisalign treatment, so this step should be a breeze. Be sure to clean your retainer daily using a toothbrush and water. Never use hot water and never put it in the dishwasher.

Retainers Are Fairly Comfortable and Easy to Wear

Retainers fit easily over your teeth. Some use plastic and wires, while others look just like Invisalign clear aligners. Because they are meant to be worn while you sleep, you'll hardly notice them. Our orthodontist can fit you with an effective retainer after your treatment or create a replacement retainer for you.
Woman wearing retainer

If You've Already Completed Treatment

You Can Visit Dr. Scott for a New Retainer

Over time, our retainers need to be replaced. Factors like teeth grinding can mean that you'll need a new one sooner rather than later.

For those who have already successfully undergone orthodontics as a child or adult, Dr. Scott can fit you for a new retainer.

With continued dedication, you can maintain your stunning smile for years to come.

"I have never felt so confident." Hear From Our Happy Patients in the Bowie, MD, Area


Kiah Barnes


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Best decision I have ever made. Dr Scott and his team were wonderful for the speedy 18months I was in braces.

Always clear and calming this experience was superb and the results are quite outstanding. I have never felt so confident and really want to thank Dr Scott for transforming my smile!

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Vincent Stovall


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I decided to get braces when I was in my 50's and I'm glad I did. During the consultation, Dr. Scott informed me that he would be able to save a tooth that another orthodontist told me would have to be removed. I am a living witness that you're never to old to get braces, develop good oral hygiene habits and start a new career. Thank you Dr. Scott.

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Worried About Cost? We Accept Financing

Adult orthodontics — and a stunning smile — are within your reach. Though dental insurance often doesn't cover orthodontics for adults, we make it affordable.

To make treatment possible for more patients, we accept dental and orthodontic financing through CareCredit® and LendingClub®. If you have questions about what it is and how it can help you, feel free to message our Bowie-area team.

Dr. Stuart A. Scott

Scott Orthodontics

Dr. Stuart A. Scott is a compassionate and highly trained orthodontist who truly cares about the oral health of children and adults. He is a member of:

  • American Association of Orthodontists
  • American Dental Association
  • World Federation of Orthodontists

He is also an Invisalign Elite Provider who helps patients of all ages straighten their smiles in a discreet, comfortable way. To schedule a consultation at one of our offices, request an appointment online or call us at (301) 589-8191.

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