Common Problems

Orthodontic Treatment in Silver Spring & Mitchellville, MD

At Scott Orthodontics, we truly believe that everyone deserves a healthy, beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime. That’s why we strive to provide high-quality orthodontic treatment in a comfortable, welcoming office environment, and why we personalize every patient’s treatment to ensure it fits their unique needs and lifestyle. While some people are lucky enough to be born with perfect teeth, most of us will experience some form of orthodontic treatment in our lifetime – and more often than not, it’s one of the common problems on this list. 


underbiteUnderbite occurs when the lower teeth extend out past the upper teeth, which can cause improper tooth wear and jaw problems. 


crossbiteCrossbite occurs when the lower teeth sit outside of the upper teeth. This malocclusion can cause improper bite function, tooth wear, and and painful jaw problems over time, and it can also cause facial asymmetry. 

Protruding Upper Front Teeth

protrusionThis bite occurs when the upper front teeth extend out too far forward or the lower teeth don’t extend out forward enough. In addition to causing bite problems, this condition can put the front teeth at an increased risk of damage and trauma.  



overbiteOverbite occurs when the upper front teeth extend too far forward over the lower front teeth, and in severe cases the lower teeth may even bite into the roof of the mouth. Overbite can cause a “gummy smile,” excessive tooth wear, and bite problems.  



overbite Crowding generally occurs when there isn’t enough room in the dental arch to accommodate all the teeth. It’s the most common reason for braces, and in addition to causing aesthetic and bite problems, it puts the teeth at an increased risk for decay because it’s harder to keep crooked teeth clean. 


spacingSpacing is another common reason for braces, and it’s characterized by gaps between the teeth. It may be caused by a missing tooth or genetics, and it impacts the appearance and function of the smile. 


openbite Openbite may be caused by genetics or maladaptive habits early in childhood, and it’s characterized by the upper and lower front teeth not meeting when the mouth is closed. Openbite can impair bite function, cause uneven tooth wear, and impact speech and chewing. 

Dental Midlines 

midlinesThis problem occurs when the back bite doesn’t fit together correctly, and it can negatively impact bite function and jaw health.

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