Orthognathic Surgery


Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment in Silver Spring, MD

At Scott Orthodontics, our mission is to help all of our patients achieve a smile they feel proud of in any situation. Dr. Scott and our highly trained team of orthodontic specialists are passionate about designing great smiles for our patients, and we work hard to personalize our treatment plans to perfectly suit each patient's unique orthodontic needs. For most patients, orthodontic treatment simply means getting braces for a year or two – but sometimes, we need to use more advanced methods like orthognathic (jaw) surgery).

Corrective Jaw Surgery

The jaws are the fundamental components of a great smile, and they grow and develop together over a period of many years. Sometimes, though, that growth can occur out of sync, causing a mismatch in size, shape, or alignment between the upper and lower jaw. This discrepancy can cause difficulty in key bite functions like chewing, speaking, breathing, sleeping, and even smiling, creating a serious impediment to daily life. 

Thankfully, corrective jaw surgery can help. Jaw surgery uses surgical methods to treat abnormalities in the jaws and facial bones, creating a more symmetrical, healthy smile. While jaw surgery often improves the appearance of the smile, the primary goal of jaw surgery is always to fix problems with the function of the bite. Thanks to advances in medical technology, jaw surgery is safer and more effective than ever. The cutting-edge, state-of-the-art materials we use in jaw surgery give us an unparalleled ability to create predictable, durable, and pleasing results with reduced recovery time after surgery. While we will usually try to opt for other methods like braces, jaw surgery can be an effective treatment option for patients with abnormal or mismatched jaws. 

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