Invisalign Elite Provider

Scott Orthodontics: An Invisalign Elite Provider

You deserve a healthy, happy smile that makes you feel more confident. Scott Orthodontics in Bowie wants to help you get it. Our professional team is knowledgeable, experienced and committed to providing you with advanced orthodontic treatments that promote strong oral health and higher self-esteem. One of our most popular treatments is the Invisalign system. This removable treatment option makes it easy to straighten teeth while still being able to chew and brush comfortably.

We Are an Elite Invisalign Provider

Any orthodontist who offers Invisalign treatment is certified to do so, but only a few receive the distinction of being elite. As an Invisalign Elite Provider, we are known for a higher level of mastery, which we acquired by having provided the treatment to more than 300 people. To remain an elite provider, we provide this treatment option to at least 100 patients per year. We aren't settling for elite, though. We have a goal of becoming part of the Top 1% of orthodontists offering Invisalign. We are committed to providing the treatment to at least 200 patients each year.

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Are you interested in learning if Invisalign is the right treatment for your teeth? Get in touch with Scott Orthodontics in Silver Spring to schedule a consultation appointment. Call us at 301-589-8191 today.