Before & After

At your children’s orthodontist in Bowie & Silver Spring, we care about the oral health of our patients. Using expert orthodontic techniques, we work to transform some of the challenges shown below into the beautiful smile you deserve. Whether your treatment requires Invisalign clear aligners, traditional braces, dental implants or other restorative measures, Dr. Stuart A. Scott will make it happen. Not only does Dr. Scott work to create your perfect smile, straightening your teeth also helps create positive oral health, which can affect your overall health. 

Crossbite - Before & After Photos

The “Before” photo on the left shows a type of misalignment where the upper and lower jaws don’t quite align as they should as you can see from the way the upper teeth are offset to the right from the lower teeth. This disorder can be painful and make it difficult to chew your food. If a crossbite isn’t fixed, it can lead to worn down teeth, gum disease, and bone loss. Your Bowie orthodontist can provide treatment that can adjust your jaws and teeth so that they match up perfectly, as in the “After” photo on the right.


 Crowding - Before & After Photos

When your teeth don’t have enough room to come in, or erupt, your children’s orthodontist will diagnose you with crowded teeth (photo on left). This problem is common among Bowie and Silver Springs patients and can be remedied with an orthodontic treatment plan like Invisalign that doesn’t always have to include tooth removal. Overcrowding can cause your teeth to become crooked and can also lead to increased chances of tooth decay, and gum disease.


Openbite - Before & After Photos

If you have openbite, where there is a gap between your front upper and lower teeth as in the “Before” photo, you are a candidate for Dr. Scott’s magic orthodontic treatment! Openbite not only affects your confident smile, it can also make it difficult to chew and cause several unwanted habits like tongue thrusting. You will love your smile “After” your treatment, which may include orthodontics and surgery.


Overbite - Before & After Photos

You can see in the “Before” picture that this common orthodontic problem involves the upper front teeth extending out over the lower front teeth, sometimes causing the lower front teeth to bite into the roof of the mouth.  Habits like thumb-sucking, lengthy bottle-feeding or nail-biting can contribute to an overbite. 


Spacing - Before & After Photos

If your smile is marred by gaps between your teeth or missing teeth, your Silver Spring children’s orthodontist can help. Invisalign or Invisalign Teen can bring together those unpleasant gaps between your teeth. Gaps between teeth can result in gum problems and increased risk of gum disease. 


Underbite - Before & After Photos

As you can see from the “Before” photos, an underbite is the same type of orthodontic problem as an overbite, except that the lower jaw extending out, causing the lower front teeth to sit in front of the upper front teeth. An underbite may stop the front teeth or molars from functioning properly which can lead to worn teeth. It can be painful, but treatment from your Bowie orthodontist can help.


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The good news is that braces can fix most of these cases. However, it all starts with taking the first step toward perfecting your smile. Contact us  to schedule an appointment with our highly rated Orthodontist in Bowie. You can also call our Silver Spring office at 301-589-8191 and our Mitchellville office at 301-390-1510.