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The only way to maintain long-term orthodontic results after braces or clear aligners is to wear a retainer.

We offer free consultations for new and returning patients alike, so that it's easy for you to explore your options.

For a custom, comfortable retainer, visit Dr. Stuart A. Scott at Scott Orthodontics, serving Mitchellville, Silver Spring, and Bowie, MD.

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Want to replace an old removable retainer? Or are you curious about how we handle retainers after your in-house orthodontics treatment? Our Silver Spring and Mitchellville, MD, dental offices offer free consultations for orthodontics and retainers and accept financing. Take advantage and reach out.

What Are the Benefits Of Wearing a Retainer?

Protecting Your Results

When patients do not wear their retainers as advised, their teeth can shift. It takes just a minute or two of effort to put in and clean your retainers, making it easy to protect your dental results.

Preventing Future Treatment

After months or years of not wearing your retainer, you may need braces or Invisalign® again — which can be time-consuming and costly. Though we love to see all of our Bowie patients, we don't want you to have to get orthodontic treatment twice.

Improved Dental Health

Retainers can actually help with your dental wellness. By keeping your smile straight, they make it easier for you to properly brush and floss your teeth. With good retainer use, you can improve your dentist's check-ups too.

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The entire team always makes us feel important and welcome. Dr. Scott is always happy to sit down with us, at each and every visit, and answer our questions as well as discuss our daughter’s goals, needs, and treatment options. He’s the best!

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As usual, outstanding customer service; courteous , friendly and helpful. Been a loyal patient for over 15 years. I love Scott’s Orthodontist and the staff.

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How Often Should I Wear My Retainer?

The answer depends on how long you've been out of your braces or clear aligners. As our orthodontist will explain during your consultation, this is the typical recommendation:

One to Four Months

Dentists and orthodontists advise patients to wear their retainer throughout the day and night, with exceptions for eating and brushing, during the first four months — much like with Invisalign. You'll visit our dentist at four months for an appointment to check on your progress.

Five to Nine Months

Whether you have a clear retainer, a Hawley retainer, or an Essix retainer, you can start wearing it at night only once approved by Dr. Scott. This phase typically lasts for the next five to nine months after your braces or Invisalign treatment is over.

10 Months and Beyond

You'll return to our orthodontist to ensure that your retainer is working well and that your teeth haven't shifted. Once he's sure that you're ready, he'll clear you to wear your retainer only once a month at night.
Dr. Stuart A. Scott

Scott Orthodontics

Dr. Stuart A. Scott is a compassionate and highly trained orthodontist who truly cares about the oral health of children and adults. He is a member of:

  • American Association of Orthodontists
  • American Dental Association
  • World Federation of Orthodontists

He is also an Invisalign Elite Provider who helps patients of all ages straighten their smiles in a discreet, comfortable way. To schedule a consultation at one of our offices, request an appointment online or call us at (301) 589-8191.

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